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Music Distribution

D.I Productions is a Music Distributing Agent for Artists around the world, we do Music distribution locally and internationally for Artist worldwide, we distribute Albums and single Release and Ringtones in retail music Stores online and we distribute music  over 20 online stores worldwide over 433 Countries Worldwide

Online Stores: We Distribute to and the Countries we Distribute for sales

  • iTunes ( 111 Countries World Wide]
  • AmazonMP3 ( 6 Countries]
  • Rhapsody (17 Countries]
  • eMusic (30 countries)
  • Spotify (33 countries)
  • xBox Live (22 countries)
  • Medianet (3 countries)

(Beats Music, iMesh, Digital Media 2.0, LAC, iLike, Dynamic Media, HMV, Tesco UK, J. River, Inc., Samsung UK, Synacor US,

  • Puretracks (2 countries)
  • iHeartRadio (1 country)
  • Google Play(6 countries)
  • Deezer( 183 countries)

Distribution per song

Distribution for an album

Distribution of song as ringtone


UPC Codes (Universal Product Code)

A UPC is the code that uniquely identifies your album throughout the world. It is the method by which your album is tracked throughout the digital music stores. All music stores require that your album have a UPC code, even for digital albums Cost for Universal Product Code. Contact us for ups cost


Digital Barcodes

Is the graphical representation of the UPC that is normally displayed on the back of an album's physical packaging (It's what a person scans at a physical store to pull your album up in their system). Graphic Bar code, contact us for pricing


Download Codes

Download Codes are unique codes that you can provide to your fans, friends or family members that allows them to download your album for free, for pricing contact us


Sound Scan Registration

Nielsen Sound Scan is the information system that tracks sales of music products throughout the United States and Canada. Sales data from point-of-sale cash registers is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc) outlets.


Why Register?
Sound Scan is the sales source for the Billboard music charts. While your download sales numbers are automatically reported to Sound Scan, unless your album is registered in their system, Sound Scan will be unable to track your product. Di production can do the work of registering your album with their reporting service so that your sales can be tracked and noticed by top music industry leaders. Once you select this option during the album submission process, your album will be registered into Sound Scan's system within 7 business days. For pricing contact us


Music Publishing

Di Productions; functions as publisher for Artist and Songs we distribute. We are a registered Publishing Company with “SAMRO” South African Music Rights Organization. And therefore we can publish Songs, on retail stores locally and internationally on online stores world Wide.


What we do

Collect Royalties for Artists we distribute for;
If you song is ready for Distribution and you need a publisher to publish your music on Air, tv, Channel O, one gospel, MTV, Trace TV, Radios and Public Relation for your song, you are at the right place
What we also do:

  • Administrative Publishing
  • Royalties from Radio & TV air play
  • Performance Rights
  • Mechanical Rights
  • Songs royalties when use for commercial purposes
  • Needle-time Collection