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Sesno Chiamaka Ojukwu popularly known as Sesno, was born in Abia State, originally from Ahaba-imenyi isiukwuato local government Abia State, Nigeria. Sesno started singing at a very young age.She was born with a unique talent, her voice is soothing and captivating. Growing up sesno loved singing & dancing so passionately and she has consistently maintained a determination to take her singing and music worldwide. She started singing whilst she was in primary school, and in her early years in high school she joined the church choir, where her gift was natured. More-so, because of her unique voice she was highly respected and loved by everyone, everyone who heard her loved the dynamics of her voice.


Senso currently lives in Abuja where she is also studying law in Baze University! she is a very talented singer and has been singing for almost a decade now, one of uniqueness is that she is a very versatile singer who can sing almost anything from Pop, Afro Pop, Gospel, R&B, Soul, Indie and a lot more.


Sesno is currently working with an Entertainment/production company in South Africa called D.I Productions. And D.I Productions will be officially releasing Sesno’s first hit single “Without You” featuring D.I song produced by” Daniel Isele” 2015


The first single is very amazing, it is mind blowing and its soothings. the music industry is yet to witness the impact of Sesno musical skills and capability. Her style and approach to music is exceptional, and she aspiring to inspire people through her singing and music world and to also collaborate with local Nigerian and international Artist someday.

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