Profile1Bobby E

Empowering and Transforming Through Music

Excel Owualah known as Bobby E is originally from Abia State, he was born in Abia state into a family that loves music, and he currently lives in Lagos. Bobbie is an incredible rapper and writer in the entertainment/music Industry on the scene today, he started composing and writing at the age of 10, and he has consistent pursue his dream to become one of the finest rapper in Nigeria, Growing up bobby was influenced by a lot of international/local rappers in Hip Hop Music.


Bobby E is an exceptional Artist who is very versatile and his style of rapping is a blend of singing and rapping, the essence of his music is to empower and transform through people through the power of his message to the society. a lot of his fans admires his taste for quality music. Bobby E is currently a student of federal University of Technology Owerri [F.U.T.O] studying chemical Engineering.


Bobby just released his First debut Single, “Lose Some Sleep” the song is an inspirational song with a strong message to the society at large, it’s a song of Hope and encouragement, message behind the song is Mind blowing, Bobby E message to the world is that for you to live your dreams, you have to lose some sleep.


Bobby E aspires to be one of the first Nigerian Rapper to win a Grammy Award, and he is also looking at doing features with some prominent rappers/icons in the hip hop industry locally and internationally

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